Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!


I am in MAJOR travel mode for the next month, so get ready for lots of travel filled blog posts! It’s reading week for us Canadian students, and I’m lucky to be able to spend my week in Florida! I was also here over winter break, and the weather was NOT as warm as I had hoped. Thankfully it’s much warmer now (27 degrees Celsius!!!), although I suppose anything is better than the -20 temperatures at home.

I always like to get a few new pieces before I go on a trip – it always makes it more exciting to have new items to wear on vacation! I am an avid online shopper and love trying to find cute items that aren’t that pricey. I recently discovered Shein, which ships pretty quickly, and the prices are tough to beat. I got this cute matching set for under $20! I often find it difficult to order sets, as I’m usually a different size in the top and bottom, but I ordered a medium in this set and it fit perfectly! I have been loving the stripes trend, and when I found this set I knew I had to have it! I paired it with these sunglasses I recently picked up at Zara; usually, I lean towards more conservative sunglasses but I love the way these cat eye ones look and fit.

If you have any recommendations for travel posts, leave them in the comments!

xx, Julia

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