In-Flight Travel Essentials

Since I travel so often, I have become very selective and specific in what I bring with me on the plane. It’s a bit difficult to open up your suitcase mid-flight so I always bring a large purse as my carry-on when I travel. I can store it under the seat in front of me, and easily access everything I need throughout the flight!

  1. Blanket Scarf – I always wear/bring a blanket scarf when I travel, it doubles as a blanket if you get cold (I always do on flights). Even if I’m travelling somewhere warm, I always make sure to bring this with me when I go to restaurants or in the evening when it might get a bit chilly.
  2. Water Bottle – I recently got a Hydroflask water bottle and I’m obsessed! Buying water at the airport is super expensive, plus I always like to have water on me when I’m travelling. Whether it’s on the plane or when I’m exploring a new city, I always want to stay hydrated! **Make sure the bottle is empty when you’re going through security, you can fill it up afterwards!
  3. Hand wipes/sanitizer – If I’m having a snack/meal on the plane I like to wipe down the tray table. Also generally just like having them on me when I travel!
  4. Headphones – This seems like a no-brainer, but I have definitely made the mistake of leaving my headphones at home. I always travel with my AirPods, but if you want to connect to any in-flight entertainment, make sure you bring normal headphones with a cord!
  5. Snacks – I usually grab a coffee before my flight, and a small snack just in case you’re on the plane longer than you planned; food on the plane is also limited, and often more expensive!
  6. Makeup – I’ve started bringing all of my makeup on the flight with me in case my bag gets lost (which has happened a few times). Here is the post with all of the makeup I bring with me when I travel!
  7. Dry Shampoo – I always like to freshen up when I land, so dry shampoo is a must for me! My hair is super fine and gets greasy rather quickly, and I always find it’s worse after the flight, especially if I’ve taken a nap. My favourite one to bring with me when I travel is the Voir She’s Like the Wind which comes in a small container and is really easy to apply.
  8. Medication/Glasses/Contacts – Never put any medication in your checked bag – you will be in big trouble if your suitcase is lost! I wear contacts, so I make sure I always have a backup pair (or two!) as well as my glasses; I also make sure I bring eye drops in case my eyes get dry.
  9. Phone Charger – I occasionally bring a portable charger with me when I travel, but generally they have outlets to charge your phone on the plane so I haven’t been bringing a portable one recently. I’ve forgotten this before and had my phone die with my boarding pass on it for a connecting flight, there’s nothing worse!
  10. Gum – I know I mentioned snacks earlier, but gum is another must when I travel. My ears always pop during take-off and landing but chewing gum prevents it!
  11. Pen – Many airports have removed the traditional customs forms you had to fill out when you were leaving/re-entering the country, however, I always make sure I have a pen in my bag as it’s a huge waste of time if you have to wait until you land to fill out the form.
  12. Cold FX – Being on a plane in a condensed space with hundreds of other people increases the likelihood of catching a cold. I take Cold FX for a few days before I fly, and make sure to continue taking it a few days after as well. It really helps prevent me from getting sick, and I swear by it!
  13. Ear Plugs – I find it hard to stay asleep on the plane, and although I usually listen to music, if it’s a long flight I like using ear plugs to drown out any noise.
  14. Socks – I’m always freezing on the plane, so I love to bring an extra pair of cozy socks!
  15. Perfume – I get motion sick, and the smell on airplanes definitely doesn’t help. I always make sure I put perfume on my wrists so that I can smell that if I’m feeling nauseous.

What are your flight essentials? Let me know in the comments below. Happy travelling!

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  1. Number 14 is soooo true! I like bringing an extra pair of what I call my “snuggle socks” that I put on my ears as extra pillow cushion.

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