TREND ALERT: Cardigans + How To Style Them

I came across this Aritzia Cardigan last spring, and fell in love with it…until I realized I had no idea how to actually style it. In the photos online it was showed with nothing underneath it which wasn’t the most practical for me.

I usually order online from Aritzia, but I wasn’t sure what size to get so I went into the store – good thing I did, because I ended up going two sizes down from my usual size! Once I got home I was determined to find different ways to style it – and it’s turned into a super versatile piece in my wardrobe!

girl smiling holding her purse
This is how the cardigan is styled on the Aritzia website, and I love the way it looks! The sweater is pretty loose, so I used double sided tape to make sure I had no slips 😉
girl wearing a cardigan backwards standing on the street
I wasn’t sure if this was going to work out, but I put the sweater on backwards and love how it looks!
girl moving her hair out of her face wearing jeans and a cardigan
This is the same look as the previous photo, just shot from the front.
girl standing and smiling wearing sunglasses
Adding a white t-shirt underneath makes this look a lot more casual.

In these pictures I’m wearing the same jeans + boots, but I’ve also worn it with dresses, skirts, and other pants. Let me know which look is your favourite!

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