Best Hair Products For Healthy And Strong Hair

For those of you that don’t know – my hair is naturally Strawberry Blonde (I was a full redhead until I was 5!) and I lighten it a lot. I’ve always had super fine hair, so when I started dying it I was really careful not to over process it and to use the right products to strengthen and protect it.

I’ve tried tons on different products over the years, and I’ve finally found a combo that is working for me! Since my hair is so fine, it gets oily REALLY quickly, so finding products that are moisturizing enough but that don’t make it greasy is tough.

Last spring, I was in Europe and I wasn’t protecting my hair from the sun which led to a lot of breakage. My hairdressers Amra and Somboun (more on them soon!) told me I needed to start using Unite 7 Seconds to protect my hair from both my heat products AND the sun! I’d already been using it for years as a detangler when my hair was wet, but didn’t know that I could be using it on dry hair! Anytime I knew I would be outside for a while (by the pool, etc.) I would spray it on quickly.

Olaplex was another line that Amra and Somboun recommended, and I now use No. 3, 4, 5 and 6! The product that seriously saved my hair was the No. 6 which Olaplex sent me last spring when it first came out. I use it every day and it’s made a huge difference! Another great thing about the Olaplex products is that a little goes a LONG way. I’ve had my products since last May and I’ve only used half the bottles!

Over the last eight months I’ve also been trying to use less heat on my hair, and I’ve only dyed it once (I’m going to grow out the blonde and go back to my natural for a bit). One of my favourite hairstyles recently is clicking my hair back with Olaplex No. 3 and wearing it in a low bun. It looks cute, and it’s super good for my hair!

When I do use heat, I’m really careful and make sure the heat isn’t on too high. I made a big investment and got the Dyson Hair Dryer which has also helped a lot. I really like that the temperature and speed settings are separate so you can still dry your hair quickly but on a lower heat.

If you have any hair tips, leave ‘em in the comments!

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